What does it mean to lose someone you love?
To get stuck in your emotions or to shy away from them as a way to protect yourself?
Who has never had to deal with such hard feelings? 

I have been through this with my father’s death, occurred after a long-term and painful illness, and after, with my grandfather’s one.
Coping with grief has led me to live an overlap of moods and emotions passing by, in both body and mind. Moments of heartache and tension that I could not escape from. Sometimes I delude myself I have processed the grief, some others I am still involved in the same old dynamics and I realize I can only learn to live with them.

Different lives and experiences made me think about both absence and life, in which it is crucial to strive to go on, despite everything, always.


One more light.
An other possibility. One more.
To resist. To start again.
Once again.

A series of images born during the quarantine period. An introspective look at what explodes outside. 

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